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One Group. Two Countries. Six Times the Success.

With one head office based in Jeddah and over 25 stores worldwide, Heritage Group is an agile family-owned business with constant growth and hunger for innovation. Our portfolio spans across Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Germany, Turkey & Canada. Operating in multiple sectors including Home Furnishing, Electronics, Fashion and Real Estate, Heritage Group is committed to deliver great brand experiences to consumers worldwide.

Heritage Carpets.

HERITAGE logo.jpg

Heritage Carpets Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom's leading retail luxury carpet and rugs business as well as carpets manufacturing for residential, commercial and hospitality consumers. Consumers can find over a hundred collections and thousands of the finest Handmade rugs. 

Platinum Carpets.

لوقو بلاتينيوم.jpg

Platinum Carpets Saudi Arabia is the largest retail carpets and rugs business with over 8 branches in the Kingdom. What makes Platinum the leader of the industry is the constant growth and huger for innovation that leads to modern materials, a mix of premium & standard products, and carpets manufacturing. Platinum trades efficient and affordable Machine made rugs found in all spaces and can be found in modern, abstract and vintage designs. Additionally, consumers have custom designs and images to be transformed to carpets, to which Platinum provides Customization Services. From the finest artisans to the fastest lead times, Platinum has what it takes to get what you want, where you want it and how you want it.

Divano Furniture.

لوقو ديفانو رمادي.jpg

Presenting Divano Furniture - Heritage Group's first step outside of the Carpet and Flooring Industry and into the Home Furnishing Sector. One of Saudi Arabia's leading Furniture Stores, Divano Furniture aims to reach Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Projects for all End Consumers. Divano offers Contemporary, Modern and more importantly Classical Furniture across all Branches, with full scale Interior Design Services, eCommerce and Home Trial Delivery Services.


OTAQ Final Logo.png

OTAQ Home breaks what a contemporary Home Interiors store tackles to be through a Boutique Experience and specializes in Room Accessories as the foundation and core value of a Furniture Store. Based in the United Arab Emirates, OTAQ Home offers a Bed Boutique bringing Luxury & Premium Interiors as a standard with Interior Design Services, Customization Services and Textile Engineering through Headboards, Wall Panels, Custom Furniture and Bedding. Mattress are a value added product to complete what makes one sleep well and live well.

The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet - Official Logo.jpg

UAE's Largest Carpet Store, With Much More. This multi-branched retail store brings a whole new level to carpet and rugs shopping. With over three branches and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, The Red Carpet offers Boutique-Level services to customers with a fully integrated Sales, Marketing and Design Team to complete a happy home through Rugs, Flooring, Textiles and Interior Accessories. Founded in 1997, The Red Carpet is the UAE's leading and most successful furnishing brand.

Kansas Digital

Kansas Official Logo.png

Founded in 1997, Kansas Digital focuses to complete a home through Electronics and Home Appliances. With strong partnerships with corporations such as Sony, Gree and much more, Kansas Digital has what it takes to bring in smart homes, modern electronics and household accessories to every single home through retail stores, indirect partners, eCommerce, and exporting to other countries.

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